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Observations: You see all that nightmare sand? see how it’s still black at the back? and, well, technically everywhere.

Well, friendly reminder that those are actually 7,000,000,000 nightmares of ALL the kids and adults in the world. It’s perfectly understandable that the Guardians almost shit themselves at seeing this.

Now, the kids were also terrified too, specially when their worst nightmares were out there too. Jamie, out of all the kids and guardians, was the only one that was brave enough to, not only fight against his own fear, but to fight against ALL THE WORLD’S FEARS! imagine your idols, your heroes, being totally afraid and weak and don’t know what to do.

Now look at Jamie. He knows that he will probably die, but he doesn’t care because their safety is more important. Jamie had to protect not only his friends, but the guardians too against his fears and all the world’s fears. He  ISthe true hero.

That’s why we should appreciate more Jamie. And I do think that he will be a guardian when he’s old enough ((or when Man in the Moon kills him. Whatever happens first)).

(Source: rotg-facts)